Welcome to the 7th Legislative District Democrats webpage.We, as Democrats in the 7th LD, seem to have an uphill battle politically. I know, sometimes we feel surrounded by ultra conservative, constitution thumping, and even hateful people. We can feel so isolated from each other. We cannot become disheartened by the current political climate. I believe we, as a District, now have the opportunity to work together, to become proactive not reactive, grow the Party into an active, alive unit and once again turn our part of the State back to the “blue” it once was. It all sounds like a wild pipe dream. Well, I have confidence in the Democrats in this area. It will take lots of hard work; working together as a team, not just individual Counties. We may have to take baby steps but by putting together our collective ideas. Sharing our Democratic values can lead to turning at least parts of the 7th purple is do-able in the not too distant future. You might ask – How in the world can we do this?

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